Lily Rose Lashes

Each visit to my lash studio is personally tailored to get you the lashes you want. Whether you’re going for a more natural look or if it’s volume you’re looking for, I will take the time to customize the style you want. With this in mind, it is my goal to provide you with a professional lash experience set in a relaxing ambiance. Unwind, let your mind go, rest your eyes, and take a nap while I enhance your natural beauty. I use LashX's incredibly soft faux mink lashes that are created to be light and gentle on the lash and bend and move naturally with your own lashes. The LashX adhesive I use is one of the best for sensitive eyes. The LashX Adhesive is Paraben, Sulfate, Surfactant, Oil, Glycol, hydroquinone, and formaldehyde, cruelty and toxin free. 


Lily Rose Lashes was started by Tanja Hamm with her enduring passion for beauty, skin care, and aesthetics. Tanja moved here with her husband and four children in 2015 to pursue other opportunities on the West Coast.  

As a triple negative breast cancer survivor, Tanja knows first hand what it's like to have thin and short lashes and how it affects one's appearance and confidence after losing all her hair from the chemotherapy in 2012. Her journey has led her to have a new profound outlook and appreciation for beauty, specifically, lashes and has made it her objective to make other women feel and look their best by enhancing their eyes with beautiful lashes. Call and schedule your appointment with Tanja at her West LA, lash studio located near Beverly Hills, Century City, Cheviot Hills, Westwood and Santa Monica.



Lash Extension Full Set: $150

Whether you want a classic, mixed volume, or dramatic mega lashes, I will take the appropriate time necessary to customize your lash extensions to suit your eyes and face.  I use 0.03 and/or 0.05mm extensions. What does that mean? This means that these lashes are not only lighter in weight than your own natural lashes but they are incredibly soft and silky.  If you are looking for the "caterpillar"/"Russian volume" lashes....I am not the lash artist for you. I do natural looking lash extensions but can also give it more of a dramatic look without it looking completely fake. Please allow up to 2 - 2.5 hours for this appointment.

Lash Extension Fills: $75

Recommended to come back every 2-3 weeks to replace overgrown and tangled extensions with new ones. You must have at least 40% of lash extensions remaining for it to be considered a “fill” appointment. Anything less than 40% will be considered a full set. Please allow up to 1.5-2 hours for a fill appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment is very important to me but I understand things come up. I respectfully ask for at least a 24 hour cancellation notice. 

Please Note

If it has been more than one month since your last appointment, the purchase of a full set will be required regardless of how many lash extensions you have remaining. Lash extensions need professional grooming by a lash technician at least once per month in order to be kept in proper condition so that a lash fill can be applied successfully. 

I do not take clients for outside fills. If you have lash extensions on from a previous lash artist, I will have to remove those ($20) and a full set will be applied.






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